How do mood rings work? This is how it works!

Mood rings are a new type of jewelry that can supposedly change color to reflect the wearer's mood or emotional state.

They gained popularity in the 1970s and remain a nostalgic fashion accessory – However, it is important to note that mood rings do not provide an accurate picture of a person's emotional state.

Instead, they work based on changes in temperature, which can be influenced by various factors, including the wearer's body temperature and external environmental conditions.

Here's how mood rings work that you need to know:

Thermochromic Liquid Crystals:

Most mood rings contain a special type of liquid crystal that is sensitive to changes in temperature - These liquid crystals are often a mixture of various substances, including organic thermochromic compounds.


The liquid crystal in an atmospheric ring is initially set to a certain color (usually black or dark gray) at room temperature - When the wearer puts the ring on his finger, the metal band on the ring conducts heat from the wearer's skin to the liquid crystal causing it to change color.

Color Chart:

Mood rings usually come with a color chart that assigns different colors to different temperature ranges - Each color on the chart is associated with an emotional state or mood - For example, blue indicates calm or relaxation, while red indicates stress or excitement.


Although mood rings can change color in response to changes in temperature, the color does not necessarily reflect a person's true emotions.

Many factors can influence body temperature, including physical activity, environmental temperature, and individual differences in circulation. As a result, color changes in mood rings are often arbitrary and scientifically inaccurate indicators of mood.

Conclusion :

Mood rings work by responding to temperature changes, specifically the wearer's body temperature - Color changes are associated with mood charts, however this relationship is not scientifically validated and should be treated with skepticism.

Mood rings are more of a novelty or fashion accessory than a reliable tool for measuring emotional states.

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