Fastest Spanish: here's the country list!

Countries with the fastest Spanish language - The speed at which people speak Spanish can vary widely depending on the country and region. Generally, Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean and South America tend to speak faster than those in Europe. 

Here are some countries where Spanish is spoken relatively quickly:

Dominican Republic: The people of the Dominican Republic are known for speaking very quickly, with a fast-paced and rhythmic cadence.

Puerto Rico: Puerto Ricans are known for their fast-paced and lively way of speaking, which is influenced by the island's African and Caribbean heritage.

Colombia: Colombians are known for speaking Spanish quickly and clearly, with a distinct accent that is easy to understand.

Venezuela: Venezuelans are known for speaking Spanish quickly and smoothly, with a musical intonation that is similar to that of Caribbean Spanish.

Cuba: Cubans are known for speaking Spanish quickly and with a distinctive rhythm that is influenced by African and Caribbean music.

It's worth noting that the speed at which people speak Spanish can vary widely even within a single country or region, so these are generalizations based on commonly held perceptions.

Spanish speaking capitals in South America - Here are the Spanish-speaking capitals in South America:

Bogotá, Colombia (Spanish is the official language)

Quito, Ecuador (Spanish is the official language)

Lima, Peru (Spanish is the official language)

La Paz, Bolivia (Spanish is one of the official languages)

Santiago, Chile (Spanish is the official language)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spanish is the official language)

Montevideo, Uruguay (Spanish is the official language)

What country speaks the fastest - There isn't a definitive answer to this question, as the speed at which people speak can vary depending on a number of factors, such as regional dialects, accents, and the individual speaking style of each person.

However, according to some studies, Spanish and Japanese are among the languages spoken at a relatively fast pace, while English and Mandarin tend to be spoken more slowly. Other factors that can affect the perception of speed of a language include the rhythm, intonation, and syllable stress patterns of the language.